Project Description

Road Safety Videos

Whiteline Television was successful in a bid for funding from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) round 3 of their road safety funding initiative. The proposal was for funding to produce a series of videos to promote the “Truckies top ten tips” for sharing the road safely with heavy vehicles.

Actual statistics show that fatal crashes between cars and trucks can be as high as 80% the fault of the car driver, yet very little has been done to educate car drivers about sharing the road with trucks.

Whiteline Television has teamed up with road safety advocate Rod Hannifey, who has been promoting the Truckies Top Ten Tips (for sharing the road with trucks) for well over 15 years. These tips came from surveys amongst truck drivers and have always been well received and used by many websites and groups, including the Australian Trucking Association, who used them for the basis of the games and education in the current Mobile Education Centre. Bringing on board radio personality Nicole Rutledge formally from Truck Radio and currently working at MIX-FM on the Sunshine Coast, who herself comes from an active transport family, presents us with an excellent opportunity to get the message out to people.

Currently, there is no formal requirement for teaching new drivers about sharing the road with trucks and no school program that does so either. When a young driver makes a mistake in their car and pulls out in front of a heavy vehicle expecting it to stop, and they are seriously injured or killed, it is too late to teach them otherwise.

In the modern age of the internet and cellular phones, video content accounts for over 70% of online traffic. 28% of smartphone users watch at least one video presentation on their smartphone every day, and more video content is viewed online in one month than on TV in the last three decades.

If we want to communicate our message to the Public if we’re going to break through in this new world of digital technology, we need to adapt to a whole new way of communicating. Social media is flourishing, and we, as an industry, need to harness this medium. Who is educating the next generation? Who is presenting our messages to this modern world?

Given the success of the Caravan video that we produced about sharing parking bays, which achieved many tens of thousands of views plus significant positive comments, Whiteline Television sought and won funding from the NHVR road safety initiative to create a series of videos using the Truckies Top Ten Tips as the basis. The videos are made available on the world wide web through a targeted social media campaign. These could be used by instructors as a resource for new drivers, to be made freely available in schools, motels and roadhouses, and later for television and radio campaigns. Producing such content is best done by someone involved, experienced, and who represents a significant part of the industry: this should not be a commercial exploit and should not be done to showcase a company.

Whiteline Television released the videos on time and budget in the week leading up to the Easter holiday season of 2019.

Our caravan Video is also linked here where Rod Hannifey explains the need to share roadside parking bays and their facilities among caravaners, campers and heavy vehicles.sharetheroad

It should be clear to all that ‘Truck Only’ parking bays need to be for trucks only. Parking bays which do not have designated signage need to be shared. With planning and consideration, all road users should be able to use the facilities as intended. By understanding that B’doubles and Road Trains are legally required to utilise these parking bays, Rod explains the need to consider everyone when we park. If Caravaners and campers grouped, instead of spreading out, we could provide room for heavy vehicles to access these facilities. With some simple planning, you will allow heavy vehicle drivers to take their legal rest breaks

Not only is access for heavy vehicles a problem, but egress is also an issue. In the video, we show a B’ double squeezing out of a parking bay between two caravans in the daylight. As you watch, imagine this at night with no lights. Consider also that late at night is when most trucks are going to be needing access to these parking bays, generally long after caravaners and campers are asleep.

Just as no one wants tired truckies on the road, we also don’t want tired campers driving either. By thinking about each other, we can achieve a safety benefit for all road users.

The key word would seem to be, consideration for all.

These videos are available for use and viewing by anyone free of charge.

We actively encourage promotion across social media on any platform.

The videos, of course, can be embedded and you are welcome to contact us for the embed codes.

They must not be modified in any way, and Whiteline Television will retain © Copyright 2019.