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Whiteline Television is an independent broadcaster whose aim is primarily centered around the positive promotion of the Australian road transport industry. However, we are passionate about road safety for all road users and will present stories to promote a positive experience for everyone during their interactions on our roads.

I am old enough to remember the old Hume Highway, I cut my teeth in this industry on that road.  I remember crossing Little Sydney Harbour bridge, being doubled up through the Cullerins and looking for the red brake light haze and listening for the call “one in it”, I am old enough to remember sitting listening to the Legendary Berrimah Bob (RIP) in Tarcutta, I have many times had coffee at the Crazy House in Albury, and then there’s other roads, I remember when Clybucca had a swimming pool, not that you’d actually swim in it, I remember travelling with ‘PIG’ (RIP) across the 90mile and having five or six trucks pull up to help change a tyre just before Balledonia in WA or waiting just outside of Sydney at Uncle Leo’s for people to catch up.   I’m old enough to remember what a wood duck was, I’ve ‘driven’ and ‘driven with’ some of the fastest on the highway and wouldn’t change a thing, oh except maybe a couple of marriages.

But there are so many people who never got to experience so much of what built this industry, who never got to listen to the stories of the older guys and what driving trucks on the goat tracks of the 70’s and 80’s was like.  Life before the boring dual lane highways. So much of our wonderful heritage has been lost, maybe some of the stories will be exaggerated, well probably, but they are our stories and they are our heritage.  When we lost so many legendary operators recently it got me to thinking, how much of our heritage have we lost.  What a shame we didn’t capture their stories before we lost them.  These were true legends of our industry and we will never get them back.

What you will see on Whiteline are stories about individuals that make up our industry, that have built our industry and those that will take our industry forward.  We will do our part to educate the public about our industry and promote it and the dedicated men and women as positive, professional and safe.  We will also do our part in an attempt to educate the new wave of driver coming through as they take on the baton and continue moving forward.

Why Work With Us


With our long experience within the road transport industry, coupled with our experience in the broadcast television industry we have the knowledge and experience to realise your production and your vision with the understanding of budget and time constraints. We can utilise equipment and staffing to accommodate any production genre all the while never sacrificing on quality.

Recent Work

Recent Work
  • for our video on sharing parking bays

“Great video by Whiteline Television and Rod Hannifey about rest areas, caravanners and parking bays – sharing with heavy vehicles.

Illustrates examples of how caravanners and cars can better share rest areas with trucks so truck drivers can get their mandatory fatigue breaks.”

“Well done Whiteline Television. Long overdue recognition for a true Aussie battler. Thank you Maz Benson. Definitely one of my all time favourite Super Heroes, that’s for sure.”

” One of 2017’s most important videos. Entire caravan communities shared this video around and it started a productive dialogue. Good on ya Rod Hannifey for working with Whiteline TV to make it”

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About Our Work

Our work is currently produced in full High Definition 1920 x 1080 progressive scan resolution. In order to maintain our hunger for the highest quality, we will soon convert our systems to Ultra High Definition or what is commonly called 4k @ 3840 x 2160.  We also have the capacity to produce video in full digital cinema 4k @ 4608 x 2592

Recent Works